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Ford The history of

In 1896 Henry Ford builded the Quadricycle. In 1903 the Ford Motor Company is incorporated. The next year Ford introduced the Model T. In 1917 Ford produced the first ever truck. Next year the Ford’s River Rouge Complex began manufacturing antisubmarine patrol boats. In 1925 they began production of Ford Tri-Motor airplanes and sell the 1928 Model A. A few years later introduced the flathead V8 engine. During the World War Ford began producing Jeeps and military equipment. 5 years later introduced the F-Series line of trucks and the Thunderbird. In 1954 began car’s crash testing. From 1956 Ford became a publicly traded company. In 1965 Ford-Phlico engineers unveil the Mission Control Center used to put a man on the moon. Three Ford GT40 swept the podium at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Inthe 70’s introduced three-point, self-adjusting and retracting front outboard lap and shoulder belts. In 1976 the Ford of Europe introduced the Ford Fiesta. In the 80’s introduced the downsized Panther platform and began selling the fifth-generation Escort world car. In 1985 revolutionizes automotive designed with the Taurus. Inthe early 90’s introduced the Explorer. In 1993 introduced the Mondeo as it’s new global sedan. A few years later produced the Ford Ranger Electric Vehicle. The introduction of the Lincoln Navigator spured rapid growth in the luxury SUV segment. In 2001 Ford’s board of directors named Bill Ford to replace Jacques Nasser as CEO. In 2004 introduced the GT as it’s premium sport car. From 2009 Ford began offering turbocharged EcoBoost line of engines. A few years later introduced the 13th generation and the F-150. In 2016 with a focus on changed the way the world moves, Ford Smart Mobility took the company to the next level on connectivity, mobility, autonomous vehicles, the customer experience, data and analystics. This included the launch of the more intuitive Sync 3 System on Ford vehicles. In recent years Ford won several awards e.g. World’s Most Ethical Company award, Best Fleet Value in America award, Best Truck Brand and Sporty Compact Car Award. Among the technological innovations exceedthe human machine interaction (digital technoogy) and the global develpoment with EV battery technolgy.
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