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Mitsubishi The history of

In 1870Tsukumo Shokai separated from the Tosa Clan, three years later company name changed to Mitsubishi Shokai. In 1914 The trade mark of Mitsubishi (three-diamond) is registered. In 1917 Mitsubishi Shipyard is established. and started development of Model-A passenger car. In 1932 the "Mitsubishi Fuso bus" is developed. In 1937 a prototype of PX33 military-use 4WD passenger car is produced. In 1946 A scooter, the "Silver Pigeon" (C-10) is launched. In 1954 Kyoto Plant the first unit of domestic-made four-cylinder gasoline engine JH4 for the Jeep.In 1960 Shin Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries launches the "Mitsubishi 500,"the first compact four-wheel passenger car. In 1970 the "Colt Galant GTO" with 4G32 DOHC Saturn engine onboard is launched. In 1976 The "Galant Sigma" (with the 4G5 engine with silent shaft and 4 link rear suspension G32B MCA-JET engine onboard) is launched. Inthe ’80-s manufactured the "Galant Sigma," the "Eterna Sigma" with the strut-type rear wheel independent suspension), the "Lancer EX1800 Turbo" with a gasoline turbo engine onboard, Tredia" and "Cordia G12B MD engine. In 1985 The Pajero enters the 7th Paris-Dakar Rally and wins the overall title. Two years later The "Galant" (with 4G6 DOHC 4-valve engine, VCU-type full-time 4WD, active ECS 4-wheel integrated control system onboard) is launched. The Galant is voted '87-'88 Japan Car of the Year. The production line of the "Eclipse" at DSM started operations in 1988. In 1990the "GTO" is launched(6G72 DOHC twin-turbo engine). The next year The "Pajero" is launched (Super-select 4WD, Multi-mode ABS). In 1995 An advanced safety vehicle, the "Mitsubishi ASV" is developed. In 1996 The "Galant" and "Legnum" are voted '96-'97 Japan Car of the Year. In 1999 An electric vehicle (EV) runs 2000 km in 24 hours for a world record (Officially registered with Guinness Book of Records). In 2003 Truck and bus business is spun off and Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation is established. A few years later The pickup truck TRITON, a global strategic vehicle produced in Thailand, is launched. In 2006 debuted the "i" awarded the Good Design Grand Prize 2006 and the RJC chosen the Car of the Year 2007. New-generation electric vehicle "i-MiEV" provided for official use at the G8 Hokkaido Toyako Summit. In 2011 the "MINICAB-MiEV" commercial electric vehicle is launched in Japan. Two years later the "MINICAB-MiEV TRUCK" commercial electric vehicle is launched in Japan. The "Plug-in Hybrid EV System" won RJC Technology of the Year 2014. In 2014 The "MINICAB TRUCK", "MINICAB Van" commercial minicar and "Townbox" passenger minicar are launched in Japan. Among the technological innovations exceed the ECO Drive Support, the FVs can run on gasoline and bioethanol, the Mitsubishi innovative valve and the decleration Energy Disccovery.
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